Glass Blowing Van Tetterode Sculpting Totem
Glass Blowing making tiger head
Glass Blowing boxing gloves
Van Tetterode Tools
Pastorale powder pick up
Geir Nustad @ Benchblow
Making the silhoutte
Flashing the Totem head
Sculpting Glass Torching down the piece
Banjer @ Chillin in tha Hotshop
Glass Blowing Cooling Pipe
Sculpting Glass putting on the murrine eyes
Sculpting Doodle Series sticking on bit
Blowing Glass Boxing the piece
Sculpting Doodles pontiling the piece
Sculpting glass drilling tungsten hole
The Drawingboard
Glassblowing session

December 4 2014

Van Tetterode, Amsterdam

Photography by: Stephanie Nieuwenhuisen