Glass Blowing Sculpting Pastorale Powder Pick Up at Van Tetterode Glass Studio
Sculpting Glass Animals "Chimera" Series @ Van Tetterode Glass Studio
Glassblowing in Amsterdam Sculpting Creatures
Glass Blowing Team With Geir Nustad Josja
Glass Blowing Sculpting Jacking in the body
Glass Sculpting Hot Assembly Torching Connection
Glass Blowing Attaching the Head Hot Assembly Sculpture
Glass Sculpting Torching Pontil Melting cutmarks
Sculpting Glass Shaping Legs
Sculpting Glass Bowing the Piece Going in the Annealer
Glass Sculpting Working on Chimera Series Glowing Eye
Sculpting Glass Creatures Working on Ears
Glass Sculpting Horse Like Walibi Chimera
Glass Blowing Flashing the Piece at the Glory Hole
Glass Blowng Flattening shape using Newspaper
Glassblowing Torching Connection Point
Sculpting Glass Attaching the Head of the Creature
Glas Sculpten het aanpassen van de oren
Flashing the Horse Walibi Chimera
Glass Sculpting Touching up the Details
Sculpting Glass Powdering the shading
Blowing Glass Flashing down the Piece
Sculpting Glass Working on Bull Chimera
Sculpting Glass Carving in the Teeth
Sculpting g
Sculpting Glass Applying the Eye on a
Sculpting Glass Torching the horn's connection point
Sculpting Glass Connecting the head to the body
Sculpting Glass Torching
Sculpting Glass Cutting out the feet
Sculpting Glass Making a Tungsten hole
Eye to Eye with sculpture
Glassblowing session

December 5 2014

Van Tetterode, Amsterdam

Photography by: Anke Portier